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Device Distribution Information

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The Pilot Way

"Once a Pilot, Always a Pilot!"

Reminder to Pilots

DO not place heavy objects such as textbooks on top Of the device. DO not consume food while in the vicinity of the device to prevent accidental damage. parents/guardians may be held financially responsible for damage as a result of inappropriate handing of the device.

Device Care and Usage

Devices borrowed from Los Angeles Unified are provided so students can attend their online classes and complete
school assignments and parents can participate in school meetings. as necessary, Great care should be taken to ensure their longevity and optimal functioning.
Here are tips for caring for and protecting these learning tools:

  • Model careful handling the tablet or laptop for your child
  • Help students find a safe place to keep electronic devices and other materials during the borrowing period.
  • Avoid manipulating applications and settings on the device; its sole purpose for school related activities
  • Inform students that vandalism is a crime, but parents/guardians beheld financially responsible for the damage.

Restitution for Lost/StoIen/Damaged Devices

It is legal responsibility regarding loss or damage of school property belonging to the Los Angeles Unified School District.California Education Code Section 48904 states that the parent or guardian of any minor who willfully cuts, defaces, or otherwise injures any real or personal property of the school district or its employees shall be liable for all damages caused by the minor up to $19,100,increased annually for inflation.
District property includes, but it is not limited to, buildings and grounds, as well as instructional materials, library books,computers, devices, shop materials, physical education clothes, and sports equipment. A parent or guardian is liable to the District for all District property loaned to a minor and not returned upon demand.
Parents are expected to pay the replacement or repair cost for any lost or damaged District property due to the
student's carelessness and negligence. The school is legally authorized to Withhold the grades, diploma, and transcripts Of students, or to deny participation in school activities that are deemed privileges (e.g. culmination/graduation ceremonies, dances. interscholastic sports, student Office. or Other local school activities) until the Obligation is cleared.

Returning Devices

Devices must be returned to the school that distributed it to you if:
  • Your child is transitioning from elementary to middle school, or from middle school to high school. Another device will be issued by the new school.
  • You are a graduation senior, your device will be needed for incoming students.
  • You are a student Los Angeles Unified.
  • have that damaged or not working properly.
Click here to download the PDF version of Device Care and Usage Reminder.