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Alma Mater and Fight Song

Banning Alma Mater

All Hail, All Hail to Banning Hail
Hail Alma Mater Strong and True
Besides Pacific waters Blue, we lift our
Voices praising you to fill our hearts Anew,
With joy and courage too, Our hearts
Beat warm in loyalty, Our love shall never never fail,
In Triumph or Strife, you’re our pilot for life,
All Hail to Banning HAIL, HAIL, HAIL…

Banning Fight Song

Fight, Fight, Fight for 'ol Banning High
Win the victory.
We're going to win this day for the red and the black...
Best in the West you know we'll all do our best so...
On, on, on, on fight till the end...
Honor and glory we must win!!
So fight, fight, fight, for 'ol Banning High and Victory!!!!