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Dress Code

Dress Code

The Banning High School Dress Code has been adopted to ensure that clothing and accessories worn by pupils will not obstruct the educational process, cause a threat to the students or staff, nor pose a safety issue in any way. Therefore, it is extremely important that all students be appropriately dressed at all times

I General Notes

  • The following items may not be worn at any time.
  • Jewelry, tattoos, clothing or other accessories that are inappropriate (for example, containing profane/vulgar language), sexually offensive, gang related, or items that promote the use of any controlled substance.
  • Underwear worn as outerwear (for example, boxer shorts).  Includes also exposed outerwear.
  • Flip flops, gloves, nylon stocking caps, bandanas, headbands, scarves or any other head coverings.
  • Athletic jerseys without sleeves.
  • Spike jewelry, studs, safety pins, facial jewelry, and any jewelry that constitutes a safety hazard.
  • Belt buckles with initials, chains longer than six inches, or chains that are wide and heavy.
  • Sunglasses worn inside the building or the classroom.
  • Clothing that reveals intimate body parts or underwear.
  • Pajamas, slippers, or lingerie.
  • No headgear may be worn inside the buildings. 
    • Only Banning headgear and attached hoods may be worn outside the buildings.
    • No other unauthorized headgear may be possessed, displayed, or worn.

II Acceptable Attire for Females

  • Tops that:
  • Are long enough to cover the waist when the arms are raised above the head.
  • Cover the tops of the shoulders and all underwear
  • Have necklines that are less than three inches below the collarbone.
  • Bottoms that have
  • Hemlines that are not above the tip of the longest finger when the arms are held to the sides.
  • Waistlines that are less than one waist size above the actual waist measurement.  Bottoms that are at the waist line or just below the waist are acceptable.

III Unacceptable Attire for Females

  • Tops that:
  • Have spaghetti straps, large revealing armholes, or that reveal the navel.
  • Are sheer, tube, strapless, or reveal the midriff.
  • Bottoms that include:
  • Pants that have holes
  • Skirts with slits higher then 6 inches above the knee.
  • Ultra and low-rise pants

IV Acceptable Attire for Males

  • Tops: Shirts with sleeves
  • Bottoms:
  • Pants must be fitted at the waist.
  • Shorts that show both the knee and the calf.

V Unacceptable Attire for Males

  • Tops – Sleeveless, tank, muscles or mesh tops
  • Bottoms:
  • Pants that have holes.         
  • Pants that sag or gather (bunch) at the bottom of the leg.
  • Long socks with baggy shorts.
Click here to download the PDF Version of Dress Code.